How to Manually Backup & Restore WordPress/ hosting cPanel Database Files & Folders no Plugins

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In this video I show you How to Manually Backup & Restore WordPress Database, Files & Folders Without any WordPress Backup Plugins.

Backup & Restore WordPress Site Manually

In this WordPress tutorial I’m going to show you how to manually backup WordPress MySQL database, files and folders.  Being able to back up your website is important because you will want to do this before you install any updates to WordPress themes, plugins

Manually Backup WordPress MySQL Database, Files and Folders

1============================ooo Manual Backup

If you own a website You must backup and restore your website. regularly

And keep copies of your backup, which will help you in the events of, if something goes wrong, With your website

Such as, website Hacking, server crashes, any New plugin & theme updates maybe you messed up something, and that can ruin your Website and you lose lot of work


There are also some Paid & Free plugins out there for WordPress website

Like, Backup buddy

UP draft Plus


All in one Migration & few more

But I am not going to use any of those plugins in this tutorial,

Yes, I have made all videos, separately using all those plugins,

I have provided links in description below. Please check it out

in this video I will explain step by step in detail, how to back up & restore your site manually. without using any third-party plugins

Please watch this video to the end it will be very quick & easy

Let’s get started


Before we make a backup, it is good thing to make a new folder, name & date the folder where we can download the back up

So, when we need to upload that back up that can find very easy

When you select to compress, zip archive, it will automatically name that zip folder with name as first folder, you can rename it if you want to, it is not that important,

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