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How to Use Google search to Collect Unlimited Targeted Email Address and Find Unlimited Targeted Email Address

How to extract Unlimited Targeted Email Address | Get email address for email list database

Step by step learn how to discover & build your email list database using Google search engine.

Step 1 = Start Here: Go to

Input Your targeted keyword +Your Targeted Location+Email@ your targeted email host provider name

For example, if you looking for Dentist in USA

Example: Than Press enter


Step 2 = Then click on Search Setting on top right

Check – Never show instant result – Move curser 10 to 100 & Save (Move on 100 for best result)

You will get the Search result – COPY all Search result


Step 3 = Click Site Link to Extract emails:

Paste on “Input Window” box

Select “Output Option”

Make sure Separator setting is “new line in” Select on Sort Alphabetically.

Under Filter Option you will get “Type of address to extract” set it to “email” Now Press on Extract.

You will find your email list data on OUTPUT WINDOW Save your data & Continue it for each page


Why You Should Start Email Marketing for Better building Your Email List database?

Did you Know?

Email Marketing is 3 times more successful than social media!

Recently email user is raising around the world as internet user increasing.

It is best way to connect with internet user with email address.


Our New Video with chrome extension to collect email from website will be published very shortly